Jon....Actually Needed A Sick Day, weird.

Hey guys,

Wanted to give you all a quick status update/apology: we don't have a Thursday post this week. One thing I forgot to mention in my Monday post is that I find expressing my anger really draining, partly because of that loop of anger-awareness-anger at awareness I mentioned. So after the post, I was pretty burnt out for the day.

Then, Tuesday evening, I got hit with a migraine out of nowhere. (I've only recently started experiencing Migraines, so they may be connected to the stress of this summer.)  Wednesday night, I realized it was like, 9 PM, and I had nothing to write about. 

So, yeah. My apologies, but I just don't feel like I could write something for today that was really worthy of your time and attention. Don't worry, again, we're not like, closing down or anything, as alluded to on Facebook, we've already got a backlog of recipes built up, so Monday's post will be sorted out tout suite, and we're making plans to have a whole themed month of content sometime this fall. 

So, just have a great weekend, everybody. Maybe check out Marvel's Defenders, a show I thought premiered today, so I don't even get to spend my sick day like I wanted to. 


Jonathan O'Guin