About Us

Kitchen Catastrophe is the result of many, many people insisting that the world needed to be included in its many jokes and failures. Written by Jon O'Guin, a comedian, actor, and general knock-about guy, it chronicles his attempts to make various meals, and following the many twists, tangents, and ideas that come to his mind while doing so.  


Jon O'Guin

A man of a few too many words, mainly because he actually is a small alien riding inside a a human skin-bot. Do not be alarmed, he/it/gerb is only trying to experience and learn the fine dining and cooking of the human race. And document it for his brethren back on the home planet of [REDACTED].


Alan Vandegrift

A shadowy puppet master who is rarely seen or heard from on the site but makes his presence known by making sure posts go up on time.