Where to Start

With over two years of posts, hundreds of images, and many many screw ups, this site certainly has a lot content. So here are six entries to start that cover the range of topics this blog has to offer. As we all know, the proof is in the pudding as well a fork, too much vanilla, and my watch. 

KC 67 - Bibim-bap to the Top

Watch Jon as make his way through 27 different ingredients, potentially three days of cooking, and breaking down the whole English and Korean language all to create an iconic Korean dish

Looking In Abroad's Pantries - Japan

The first instance of Looking In Abroad's Pantries! A recurring topic that looks at ingredients of different cultures. We look at Miso, Seaweed, Katsubushi, and mochi in this article!

A Catastrophic Post-Mortem: Fail Better

In a classic move, Jon summarizes a famous playwrights life on his way to a point. Specifically, if you fail, there is always a salvageable lesson at the end. More specifically in this case, Candied Grapefruit 

Samurai Gourmet: A Catastrophic Review

As a content creator, Jon knows the difference between what is good or bad entertainment and will judge them according to his divine will! In this segment, Jon reviews the Cooking show: Samurai Gourmet

KC 100 - Cioppino & Crab Cakes & Jon's Hell

Jon celebrates a milestone by trying to make food he finds mildly appalling out respect and an oversize sense of debt for a friend. Also TIL, Sea Food Stock is a thing.

KC 44 - Broccoli Confit

Ever heard of Confit before? Read as Jon make s his way applying a Confit technique to brocolli and actually come out with a complete success!