Have you ever decided that you want to be healthier? To cut out “dirty” foods and live a good clean wholesome life? I won’t be selling you on religion here but I am going to tell you what foods are lean and trim. Welcome back to Kitchen Catastrophe, I am Alan Vandegrift, and today we will talk about clean foods and bulking.  

Wait, wait, wait, come back. Yes bulking. I am currently competing in a competition of the mightiest at my local neighborhood sports gym. What I put into my body is probably the number one reason why I will succeed or fail. But why are the foods great for a clean diet only good for people that are bulking? Shouldn’t it be a part of every person’s diet?


As part of a series of clean healthy ingredients posts, we will be discussing why certain ingredients are great for you and what are ways that they can be slipped into a diet.




Now for all those brown rice haters out there, I get it. I, as well, was raised on a healthy diet of white rice that I still prefer to today. White rice cooks easier, looks great on your plate, and is not as chewy as the alternative. White is rice is the #1 food stuff in the world for a reason (also it’s cheap to produce).


As many of you know, the big difference between white and brown rice is that the bran is still on the kernel of the rice. As shown in this How It’s Made Video:


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While the baking process shown in the clip move some nutrients from the bran to the kernel, not all of them are preserved. The bran, just like the skin of a potato your parents said you should eat, contain a lot of benefits. The biggest of which is that brown rice keeps its WHOLENESS FACTOR.




“Whole Grains” digest slower in your system, which keeps blood sugar from skyrocketing after a meal of rice.  This more controlled blood sugar has shown in studies to lower your chances with type 2 diabetes by as much as 30%. Whole grains have been linked to a number of different health benefits by itself, anywhere from consistent correlation with lower cholesterol levels, reduced chance of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and general weight.


Brown rice also contain nutrition that white rice can’t hope to match. Brown rice is rich in Selenium, a element that creates several proteins in our bodies that help with reproduction, metabolism, DNA synthesis, and helps protects against infection. To parse it down, Selenium helps prevent cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. One cup of brown rice also has about 75% of your daily manganese. Manganese helps our bone production and helps create the collagen in our skin, collagen is the protein that keeps our skin wrinkle free and consistently fixing damaged cells.


With brown rice, it’s easy to substitute it into a recipe. Instead of white, use brown.


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